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telemarketerRemember how I gave you the 411 on the annoying auto-warranty sales calls? Guess what? This week the FCC is taking action. Coincidence? I don’t think so. And today I am putting up a ‘guest post’ of sorts to help you end ALL telemarketing calls. Cuz sometimes just screaming into the phone isn’t enough.

Hate telemarketers? Ever get a phone call from an unknown or rather unwanted number? Unfortunately, these annoying phone calls have become more prevalent every day.  In fact today, i got a call on my private (read I never give it out) cell phone from a recorded voice asking me to buy an auto warranty for a car I don’t own. 

You can follow these three simple steps to help stop telemarketers from calling you.

1) Register your number:  Ensure that every phone number you have is registered with the FCC on their do not call list.  This includes cell phone numbers, home phone numbers, even work numbers.  After you enter the number, telemarketers have 30 days to stop calling your number.

2) Tell Them to Stop:  Unfortunately, some unwanted callers don’t abide by the do not call list.  They’ll still incessantly bother you to no end — I heard of one person who was receiving 10 calls a day for a week from the same caller — just tell them to stop.  Here’s how:  Politely** ask for the following information in order and write it down, name of company, name of person, ask them to put you on their do not call list, write down date and time they called.  Hint: **Politeness helps get you the world, meanness will persuade people not to help.  Save the list.

3) File a complaint:  This has two simple steps...  First: The FCC’s do not call website is my first stop if they call more than once (see link above).  The sad part is that you cannot lookup the phone number of the caller to see who they are and what they’ve done to others.  It seems like it may fall into a bureaucratic hole (possibly).  Secondly: Use a reverse phone directory to find out who they are and also post a visible complaint to help tell others who these people are.

There you have it…hopefully in a short time, you’ll no longer have to endure those frustrating calls.

Kerry Fitzgerald is a mom of 2 kids, a wonderful husband, and a beautiful puppy.  Her favorite website is CallCatalog.com which is a reverse phone directory of unwanted phone calls, you can read her blog here.

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