SkyWatch Friday

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8: 47 PM ~ Newport Beach, California

It was a long shot. Literarily. A photo taken on faith.

It was all but totally dark, and I stood on the Newport pier next to the night fisherman setting up for the evening. As I watched them cast their lines with glowing lures to guide the way I leaned against the pier railing. I steadied myself as much as possible, took a deep breath and clicked. The exposure time was LONG so I knew as long as I didn’t breath I might be able to stay still enough to capture this view. See the black specks at the shore line in the water? Night swimmers, who I deemed must be INSANE to be in the cold water on a night like this. As I headed back to the parking lot I saw these people drying off and packing their stuff into their car with a Nevada license plate. I imagined this was the first time they had visited the ocean, and they wanted to get the most out of their day here. Even if it meant braving the crashing waves in the dark.


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