Marathon-May Recap

marcyatcountryclub I have just ended Marathon-May and I survived. For those of you without school-age kids Marathon-May is the time of year when every swingin teacher asks for extra help with finishing up class projects, coordinating class parties and more. There was the 4th/5th grade football party, staff appreciation week, baseball playoffs (still going), and beginning of soccer training. Tons of birthday parties (was every kid born in May?) and let’s not forget Mothers Day too.  The leadership party, the end of the year party, volunteer luncheon, final PTA meeting are still to come this week. And in addition to all that, I was the PTA Carnival Chairperson. I coordinated a school wide (say about 600 people in attendance) carnival ,complete with airbrush tattoos, balloon guys, 18 games, multiple food vendors, an auction and talent show.  And while I had a FEW equally insane as me volunteers to help (and those FEW? God bless you!)…I did nearly all the work myself. Oh I am not bragging. Anyone could do it. If they were high on crack and INSANE to sign up in the first place.

I get a lot of satisfaction from event planning, and love to receive the grateful thank-you’s from parents and kids.  Annnnnddd we raised a lot of money for the PTA. To pay for silly frivoulous things like PAPER for the school in this time of budget woes. The principal? Yeah he never said a word to me. So it seems the PTA ISN’T his jurisdiction when we do something good, but is fair game for him to control if it is something he doesn’t like. The hardest part of the evening? All the SAHMs who were there who casually smiled and said ‘great carnival Marcy’ and they hadn’t lifted a finger ALL YEAR to help the PTA in anyway. Yeah these are the same ones who talk about the boredom of being a SAHM and seem to find solace in frequent shopping and facials. But actually volunteering to do something for THIER KIDS is out of the question. Every time one would walk up to me I felt like I had a huge “SUCKER” written on my forehead. I am pretty sure I could hear them snickering as they walked away too.

The irony? I am not doing it next year. Or EVER for that matter. This experience was a learning one. I learned that no one really wanted me to create a carnival to remember, all they really wanted was for me to RE-CREATE the carnival from the year before. Every time I said I was making a change (or an IMPROVEMENT) I was told “NO”. Move it to a more logical location? Allow the generous food vendors to put their logos on the flyers? Put the talent show in the existing indoor theater where it belongs? No, No and NO. And while all of my hard-core planning was happening my book WASN’T. My literary agent thinks I feel off the face of the earth. So I have promised to re-commit to working on the copy-right issue so my book can be officially presented to the publisher.

So here’s to summer my friends. Let’s raise a glass and say a collective AMEN. We made it.

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