My good fortune. Or not.

I am one of those stupid people who actually open up their mass produced fortune cookie after Chinese food with the hope that it will contain actual wisdom passed down to me from Buddha himself. In my HEAD I know they are just made up stupidness printed at a factory in San Francisco, but part of me thinks ‘if God WANTED to get a secret message to me, this would be a perfect way to do it!’. yeah, I know. I am lame. So when I opened the first one I smiled….



And decided this was most certainly a message sent to me about the upcoming BlogCrush Blogger Ball. I mean it says GLAMOUR right in it!!! So then I went and pushed my luck and opened another one (hey they are fat-free ya know), and that was when I found this little tidbit of depression….



I mean seriously Fortune Cookie guy, what the heck? How the hell is this inspiring? How does this tell my fortune? It sounds like someone let Martha Stewart into your factory and she decided to remind us all the benefits of good time management. Well, knock it off Martha. After all, I have ‘glamour and excitement’ coming my way. And it might be coming SATURDAY. I don’t want to be too busy doing CHORES to miss it now do I?

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