SkyWatch Friday

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Orange County, California

It was game 3 of the Little League playoff championship and we came prepared to show our spirit. While our Tucker warmed up for the big game, Jack was put in charge of decorating the stands.  And this big brother is just as invested in this baseball team as Tucker. He has attended all 25+ games and a million more practices willingly. He has carried bat bags, chairs and blankets. He has made runs to the snack shack for sodas and pretzels. He has helped to set up the field and clean up the dugout.

And through it all he has shown 100% support for his sport loving little brother.

And then they WON.

Jack was as excited as the team. He jumped. He shouted he lifted his brother into the air.

Tucker’s win was Jack’s win.

Because they are brothers.


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Trust me. It will lift your spirit.



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