AdTalk: Bowling makes me HAPPY


“Instead of bowling, Janie decided to entertain the on-lookers with her Irish Jig across the lanes.”


Perhaps inspired by Alice, I have made plans to go BOWLING on a date night with my husband and another couple. I have never really officially bowled before. Oh I have put on the shoes, ordered a beer and even picked out a ball. But I just sorta hovered around and kept letting other people take my turn. But for some reason I have this URGE to bowl this weekend. Now where is my red and white checked skirt for the night? Gosh I hope it isn’t at the dry cleaners with my aprons and party dresses.

UPDATE: Concourse Bowl in Anaheim? They wanted $40 an hour per lane with a 2 hour/ 2 lane minimum. So that is $160 bucks to go bowling! And the reservation girl actually thought she was helping the situation by saying ‘but shoe rental is included’ (which are all of $2.00 according to their site) So I called Lucky Strike in Orange. And I called and I called. NO ANSWER at all. So I twittered them. I emailed them. And now I am waiting. And while I am waiting I called good ol’Yorba Linda Bowl. No fancy sound system or neon lights and the decor at Yorba Linda Bowl is pretty much in a time warp from 1978 but guess what? They answered my call on the FIRST ring and while they don’t take lane reservations…they did tell me it is all of $5.00 a game. So Concourse Bowl? You are officially on my INSANE list. And yes, I have a list.

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