I am not just dumb. I am a dumb A**!!!

Nothing like being called a ‘dumb a**’ to get me to link to you.

Want to see where my North Korean/Journalist post ended up today? Over HERE.

And it spurred more great discussion on this issue. And part of that discussion called me a dumb a**, a sexist and all kinds of other flattering names. It was my first experience with a ‘message board’ forum and I have to say the women there are WAY meaner than blog commenters. Some of them are just mean AND even get the facts wrong. I guess it is because they are fairly anonymous. (their identities do not link back to a blog or other).

I responded on a lot of points over there…without a spell check. Which apparently is a huge travesty to these women. I wrote my response in all of 10 minutes while doing about 9 other things simultaneously…but I guess that still qualifies me as being an ‘idiot’ in their eyes. Whatever. Sticks and stones.

I am a big girl and I welcome all view points that are exactly like mine here at The Association.

(Excuse me why I go cry in my wine now…)

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