Re-Discovering the Discovery Science Center

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IMG_4030 copyHaving a science freak buff in the family we seek out all science-y (its a word) things to do. And of course one of our favorite places to visit is the Discovery Science Museum in Santa Ana. We haven’t been in more than a year, because after our last visit I was thinking it might be a little too young for my growing boys. So when I was invited to come preview some new exhibits I said sure, but thought maybe my boys would just hang by my side while I talked about promotions and PR. BOY WAS I WRONG.

While I learned all about the new travelling exhibit* sponsored by Smokey the Bear and Woodsy Owl, which has adorable interactive activities centered around conservation and being ‘green’, my boys were busy falling in love with the new permanent $2 million exhibit (supported by The Anaheim Ducks) on Hockey. And I have to say…this was most definitely suited for both my 10 yr old and 8yr old (although the young ones will still get a kick out of it). There is hockey goalie practice (complete with the gear), score keeping math games, a locker room which teaches you things like “how to eat like a Duck” and more. Jack was able to go into the broadcasting room to record a ‘play by play’ voice over to real hockey game footage which was then emailed home! And you can’t miss the giant Zamboni in the middle of the exhibit too.

We then moved downstairs to learn about robots, and my boys were able to make a small little ‘jitterbug’ along with the help of Discovery employees. They were enamored. So much so, that I purchased (for only $6!) little Jitterbug kits to take home with us. And can I tell you? My kids played with these for HOURS. Have no idea what a Jitterbug is? (except Foolery. She knows) Well, Jack made a how-to video (for his own website) so you can enjoy all the fun.

And on the lazy-mom-note, there is a Taco Bell IN the museum. I know, I know…not exactly health food. But it was wonderful for us to take a break and get back into the action. Like laying on a bed of nails.  I was pretty shocked to find out the museum also offers wonderful summer camps, including a Robotic Camp and gaming. I think it is a safe bet, we will be back SOON.

*no pics of the new Smokey Bear exhibit as it wasn’t ‘show’ ready. But it is pretty neat. And if you visit in the afternoon, it is a good chance you will get to meet the big guy himself! Both Smokey and Woodsy will be making daily appearances….

Discovery Science Center

2500 North Main Street

Sana Ana, CA 92705

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Wow. The 360 mirror? Where is Stacey and Clinton when I need them??

“Just say no to cobalt blue Marcy”


UPDATE: Coupon to the Center can be found HERE!

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