BlogHer? I don’t even know her.

Back from BlogHer. And now I must write the required follow-up post. You know the one where we spend like 10 frickin hours doing hyper links to every persons blog and talk about how much fun it was and how we can’t wait till never again next year? Yeah THAT post. Well, in an attempt not to annoy MORE of my regular readers who couldn’t care less about a conference for swag, PR and marketing bloggers…I have decided to bury my BlogHer post.

But if you actually wanna read (in WAY too much detail) my take on it all- Including the loneliness, swag whores and actually still being sad when it was over? Click HERE.

Are you just interested in photos of what people wore and some of my favorite people there? Click HERE

Wanna see a mess of videos made (with my beyond killer swag Kodak HD video camera)….totally unedited….click HERE.

But first let me tell you a little story. I might have told you this all ready. I can’t remember. Anywho….One day I was reading The Bloggess, who is known for weaving in topics of midget porn and vampire hamsters along with a heavy use of the f-word on a daily basis. So I knew going in what to expect…AND YET, there was some post…a post I can’t even remember what it was, that just took me over the edge. I wasn’t really judging her, but for some PMS reason I left a comment. And was along the lines of “Congrats! You have just lost a reader today. Good Job. You have managed to totally offend me.” I know, bitchy huh? To my shock and complete horror SHE WROTE ME BACK. A polite email exchange was had and that was that.

So many months pass and I walk into BlogHer and THERE SHE IS. And I panic. In that moment,I realize that I NEVER APPOLOGIZED for leaving a bitchy comment. I just tried to ignore it. You know, the tried and true effective process of head-in-sand kinda thing. So after she spoke at the Humor session, I made my way to the stage, sat down and told her who I was….AND SHE HUGGED ME. Now if you read my other long tale of BlogHer this year you will know what a big deal that was. So I got the nerve up…and apologized. I said “I am sorry I was an a**” and then she handed me her sticker which has the motto “Its only offensive to a**holes” and we laughed. We ended up spending a lot of time together that day; Sitting in a hallway just to be able to talk while a party raged behind us, determining if a bottle of vodka she was given was actually perfume (after she already drank from it) and even helping her get back in her room when she was totally deliberately accidentally locked out by the hotel. But not until we took photos.

Cuz after all…we are bloggers.

And we have screwed up excellent priorities…


IMG_5963-1 copy

(PhotoNote: all images shot using the Kodak Z915 point and shoot camera.)

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