The ceiling and I go everywhere together.


So after looking at a million Whrrl ‘stories’, Flickr sets and reading every post BlogHer post in an attempt to gain some kind of perspective on the whole thing,I came across this photo taken at the Shutter Sister Suite party. Actually I was hoping to find ONE PERSON honest or lame like me enough to say they felt lonely amidst all the fabulousness of it… but apparently I am ALONE in that as well. Hmph. Whatever.

  So there I am ALONE, wearing pajama’s (it was a pj party theme) trying to look…well, ….trying to look NOT ALONE. See the smile? Yeah..that was for the camera. Because in a party hosted by famous photographers- no one is safe. It was like going to a sleep-over with the paparazzi from TMZ. So I smiled. At the ceiling I guess. I don’t think the ceiling smiled back, but I can’t be sure. 

Don’t worry, minutes later this photo was taken by the truly bitchen Amy from The Bitchen Wives Club (and Amy? My mom will have you know ‘bitchen’ is a slang term invented at HER HIGH SCHOOL. I think she owns the rights. So pay up.) And then I was rescued by The Bloggess to the hallway.


The comedy of it all?

I got more compliments on my T.J.Maxx pajamas than any other outfit I wore during the trip.

I am thinking for the next conference I will just wear my pajama’s and bunny slippers to every event.

Possibly with a robe depending on the weather.

Bet that will get me noticed.

Damn it.

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