Now if it only made a lattes I would marry it.

kodak-kiosk-printer So the last few days I have been trying to take a vacation…well, sorta. We have family visiting from Chicago and so we have been staying (11 miles from my house) at the Disneyland resort to be near all the action (and by action I mean Disneyland parks, pools and food). So I packed up my laptop, my cell phone, the chargers and all the rest of the techno gadgets one needs to ‘get away from it all’. But sadly, it is not a reality to bring a printer along or I would have. I swear. So after the first few days I found myself in a nearby drugstore picking up toothbrushes, band aides and contact solution (because I forgot basics like those, but did remember 3 cameras, 2 video cameras and extra memory cards. My priorities are really messed up). And I glanced over and what did I see? A Kodak Kiosk smiling back at me! I sat down and quickly printed off a few pics directly from my camera memory card to give to the relatives before they even got on the plane to go home. I am amazed how fast these kiosk thingies work…I swear the next time I am doing photo printing I might just run up to my local CVS and print it on a kiosk. It is really that easy. Oh and to all you folks out there that say they can’t upload photos to Facebook because they don’t have a scanner? Just find a Kodak Kiosk (click here)…it can scan FOR YOU. (It does other cool stuff too like make DVD movies, repair old photos, make calendars in like 10 sec. It is really a groovy piece of equipment)

I love my nieces so much.

Aren’t they adorable?

My biggest fantasy in life would be to have every single relative living in the SAME TOWN in the SAME STATE in the SAME COUNTRY.

Oh wait…is that my nightmare?

I can’t remember.

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