The one where I say ‘blogger’ is a dirty word.

Warning: Whole lotta Disney posts comin at ya. Take necessary precautions.


IMG_7248Over the next 4 days I will be popping in and out of D23 (the grand mother of Disney conventions), and there is SO MUCH there to cover it is mid blowing. I mean, without even trying I ran into Betty White today. (And by ‘run into’ I mean she was on a stage and I was in the audience. But still. Its BETTY WHITE. The only woman in america who gives me hope for my GOLDEN years. I love her)…and I hung out with famous Disney sculptor Robert Olszewski (see photo) and had a fabulous interview convo with BIG TIME Imagineer Don Hilsen about his newest baby; The new “Cars” inspired land coming to California Adventure. They have sessions, movie previews, and celebrity appearances scheduled all day long (many over lapping…impossible to do it all.) for the next 4 days. And of course, as with any convention there are loads and loads of Disney products. Many booths are collectables, including things I never dreamed were collectables (like the antenna balls above), and Disney ‘inspired’ artwork (loving the Picasso Mickey above) and every facet of the Disney machine represented. I asked if I could borrow the Jonas mini van to pick up the kids from school just to mortify the hell out of them but they said no.

I realized something today while walking around the D23 floor with a giant Media badge on; I think ‘blogger’ is a dirty word. Well, not actually. But every time someone would ask me what media outlet I was with (as if to see if I was worth talking to) I had a hard time saying the words “I am a blogger”. I would pause and sometimes use my favorite euphemism “online journalist”. I mean you and I know that bloggers ARE the new media. That we are running the show. That more people are reading blogs at this moment than ANYTHING ELSE. And that many have higher readerships than some online newspapers. WE KNOW being a blogger is a BIG DEAL. And yet….it seems others don’t. Once you say it, it is out there. Just hanging in the air. And then comes the condescending ‘oh, uh, huh…how nice’. And what they are thinking is ‘so basically you can’t do anything for me can you?’.

I am returning to D23 for a full day of activities with my cool son Jack videographer on Saturday. I am hoping to score some celebrity interviews. And if they ask me the dreaded question ‘so who do you write for?’ I think I will reply “I write for the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. And Sitemeter says I am huge in Norway” That autta impress them no?

IMG_7256-2 copyYes you are correct. I had the RABBIT take this photo of myself and the Queen of Hearts (the contrast is striking) from the new Alice in Wonderland.

As she puts it “Alice is the new black!”

Well, alrighty then.





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