G.I.R.L. Party: Let’s meet Foolery!

girlparty1 Welcome to the revised new and better updated G.I.R.L. Party (Glamorous in Real Life). Once upon a time the G.I.R.L. Party was a linky and now? Now- it is an interview of The Association’s glamorous members. One lucky member will be showcased each weekend….And I would encourage each and everyone of you to check out their sites…they come highly recommended. From me.

For some reason when I cut-n-paste Laurie’s answers the font insisted on staying in BOLD. I tried everything, but it won’t budge back to the normal font. Which is really very appropriate for Laurie. Let me add that Laurie is one of the few people in the blogosphere I have met in person. And she is simply amazing. She is like an anti-blogger. Oh she blogs alright, but somehow she manages to stay out of all the commercialization, sponsorship, cat fighting stuff I seem to be swimming in…and you know what? She is HUGELY successful. Especially in Japan. If you want funny, I am talking REAL DARN FUNNY you have to read her blog. Sometimes I write whole posts just trying to impress her….she is THAT FUNNY (and smart and sweet and all that other good person crap too)…so let’s meet Laurie, and do yourself a favor- go visit her site. You will thank me later. Flowers are always nice. Just sayin.


What is your blog or website?
I’m Laurie, and my main blog is Foolery.  http://foolery.typepad.com/foolery/

Does your site have a ‘tag line’ or one sentence summary?
"Stuff and Nonsense, Horsefeathers, Piffle, and the Vacuous Brain-Emptyings of a Rather Simple Mind"

We all have a ‘before and after’ time in our lives (ie: before kids, or after the big move etc)…what is yours?
A really big one, other than marriage and kids, would be Before/After Tom Foolery, which was a gift store I owned for ten years, and of which I was an employee for about four years before buying the place. That’s where the name "Foolery" comes from, in case you missed it.

Tell us a little about just how ‘Glamorous’ your life is these days…
Let’s see . . . I gave up herding cows in high heels a couple of years ago (http://foolery.typepad.com/foolery/2008/06/welcome-to-my-world.html) . . . now, thanks to Grandpa I am now the proud parent of six laying hens, who as yet do not lay eggs but who require my attention for things like food and water. Silly chickens. Soon they will need me to hose down the sidewalks after they make their deposits. I plan to do this while wearing a mink wrap, just to keep the glamour obvious.

Do you Twitter? If so what is a typical tweet from you? 
Yes, I can be found at @foolery on Twitter. My favorite recent Tweet: "Some days you just want to walk around roaring, ‘WRONG, ELEANOR!’ at everyone. Not today, of course, but some days." Nobody understood it, but that’s never stopped me before. Or this: "Never sneeze into your elbow unless you’re SURE it’ll be a dry sneeze." I like to think I’m helpful.

If you could do something over again…what would that be?
For sheer joy I would like to relive my honeymoon, but not for the reason you might think. We took five other people along (my family) and had the best time EVER. Separate rooms, of course. For a do-over? College. I would major in manufacturing or architecture, because the joy of making something worthwhile is a strong motivator in my life. That’s why I blog! No it isn’t.

Which of the Care-Bears would you be? (which one trait do people identify with you most)
That’s be either Famished Bear or SmartAleck Bear. Both of them are olive green, and Famished Bear comes with a napkin tied around his neck. SmartAleck Bear doesn’t need accoutrements — he provides a running commentary on the world around him, whether you want him to or not, until his battery pack is removed, which is probably in the first four minutes.

I requested a photo of Foolery, and even though she doesn’t have a photo of herself up on her site (she is so worried about paparazzi these days) she obliged. But this photo doesn’t really do her justice, because she has a smile that lights up the room AND she may or may not smell like she has been herding cows in her heels. Oh she says she gave it up…but I would beg to differ. She is also frequently seen using her Jitterbug. No not DOING the Jitterbug…using it. That is, when her mom loans it to her. Awesome.


Laurie, aka Foolery, seen looking towards her future.

A future so bright….

She has to wear shades.

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