D23 Interview: Robert Olszewski, Disney Sculptor

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On my return visit to D23 (Disney Expo convention) I took Jack back with me…and one the first places I wanted to stop was to to talk to Mr. Olszewski. Jack has always been fascinated with his sculptures, and I was just hoping he would be in his booth wearing his traditional artist coat when we got there. He is not only a talented artist, he is a gracious man and answered many questions in a mini put-you-on-the-spot interview…

What were you like as a child?

I stayed alone and played alone. We lived on a remote farm and spent lots of time in the woods with my dog.

Where you an only child?

No I have a brother 7 years older than me. But I liked to be alone. I liked to make things I was always making things.

How many tradeshows have you done?

Hundreds (at this point he takes out an old, worn small pocket notebook which has recorded every trade show he has participated in since 1980, and tells us it is over 450 appearances. I make note of his type like handwriting which is SMALLER than 6pt font)

You have such small handwriting! Do you do everything in miniature?

Yes. I do. I love small. Small everything. As a child I collected stamps. And of course made models…

You are very prolific, how do you find the time?

I live a simple and good life. To bed after Jay Leno and up early to begin work. My studio is in my home. I love my work…and my life.



Mr. Olzsewski

we love your work too…

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His many many sculptures are available in Disneyland park stores as well as on Mr. Olszewski’s website….next time you are in the park stop by and take a look.

Oodles more D23 to come.

But i will try to spread it out.




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