D23: My freelancer and The Story Tellers Sandbox video debut

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Jack was an awesome ‘grip’ for me at D23. Carried my extra lenses, captured with video my interviews and even captured Suz and I in some still shots with my giant camera. But my favorite moment of this take-your-son-to-work-you-don’t-get-paid-to-do day was while we were in the press lounge and Jack was asked abruptly by a ‘fellow’ reporter-

“So tell me young man, who do you write for?”

and my Jack calmly and confidently replied

“Oh I am a freelancer”.

The guy practically did a spit take.

And then he just looked at me for some kind of explanation as to why THIS KID was in the press lounge.

I just smiled and said “Oh you should see his body of work. It’s impressive”

And then we walked out.


It was a good mother/son day for sure.

 IMG_4446 copy

One of the demo’s of new technology Jack and I were most impressed with was The Story Tellers Sand Box.

It can’t be explained….but just watch this.

You have to go at least halfway to really see the Disney Magic.

Its worth it.

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