Animated Marcy. No. But like REALLY animated.



Check us out. Deb, Suz and I are gangsta tough Disney princesses…is there such a thing?IMG_7479 copy

Yesterday I hung out at Disneyland enjoying all the new Halloween goodness. And I was able to hang with some of my besties in the blogging world including Debbie, Suz, Linda, Liz, Lisa and many others. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Mainly because it is the only holiday that doesn’t come with any pre-conceived ways to celebrate. One year you can go big or you can ignore it all together. No guilt and no remorse. And this year? Disney has gone BIG. Admittedly I wasn’t overly excited to watch the new Halloween fireworks show….but man am I glad I didn’t miss it. It had to have been one of the best Disney productions I have seen. FOR REALS. The only downside is that the real star of the show is the castle itself so you HAVE to have a view of the castle to really get the most out of the show…and that means limited viewing spots and putting up with lots and lots of crowds. BUT let me say IT IS WORTH IT. You can watch my should-have-had-decaf-shakey video of it (below), but it is something you will want to see in person. And the fire? You can FEEL it. Oh this was some thing I won’t forget for a long time.   In addition to all the amazing usual Halloween stuff going on at Disney, this year they have also themed Space Mountain (Called Ghost Galaxy). It is darker and faster, and really just as much fun as the normal ride. But what thrilled me tons? Was seeing JACK SKELETON and SALLY in PERSON. I may or may not have screamed. LOUD.  Apparently I was so excited, I couldn’t even manage to get a decent photo either…but trust me in person they look ADORABLE. And he TALKS to you. FUN right?




Do you guys know about Blue Sky Cellar? It is located in Disney’s California Adventure and it has all the sketches and models of the upcoming improvements and changes to the park (lots of what was talked about at D23). If you are interested in all that…very worth a visit. But I found the strangest thing while looking over these large concept cork boards, that had artwork representing the view of the park after the changes are complete.

Apparently ITS ME and I am in the future California Adventure! AND I AM CARRYING a bottle of WINE. Sooooo thoughtful of the Imagineers to capture me in my natural state…just cruisin’ the park with a bottle of alcohol like your average tourist blogger wino.


Now I guess I just have to wait for the Disney animated full feature about me a blogger who has crazy dreams of being taken SERIOUSLY as a writer.

IMG_7475-1 copy


Come on Disney animators! I am certain it would be a box-office hit.

I know of at least 35 million other bloggers who could relate.

(But you can leave out the wino part if you want.

You know, if you want it to be a fantasy)


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