What Lola Knows….


This is Lola.

And Lola knows something I wish she didn’t.

Lola knows that CANCER SUCKS.

Unlike a lot of cancers, you can actually see SEE Lola’s in this photo.

Do you see the extra white ‘highlight’ in her right eye? Yeah, that is CANCER. It is Retinoblastoma. And it generally -just sucks.

But she is not alone. When her parents take her to doctors visits for treatment they met family after family with small children who also know…


So I was thinking, if any of you wanted to buy one of these T-shirts (any color, any size) and send it to Lola’s mom,

she will personally put it in the hand of a child like Lola.

Lola calls it her ‘special shirt’.


All “Cancer Sucks” Products can be found for purchase  HERE.

So, if you would like to buy a T-shirt, and be apart of this little ‘Spreading the Happy’ campaign either leave a comment or send me an email and I will give you the mailing address.


OR your can donate here and I will purchase Tees until I run out of money.

(Specifically Lola has a couple of friends who are are going thru big battles right now, that I would like to be able to provide a shirt to them asap)

(all prices are at COST. No profit makin goin’ on here)

cancer sucks tees

And can you do me a fav?

Can you send this post to a friend or a hundred two?

Let’s help tons of kids show the world what they already know.

That cancer really really sucks.



*‘Cancer Sucks’ products inspired by world’s best dad Stephen Lee McClelland 1945-2003 and of course Little Lola.

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