Snarky Cards. Who knew being honest would be so awesome.



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When I first saw this Esty store from Snarky Cards, I was a bit stunned.

Lots NSFW or really NSF-MY BLOG kinda cards.

And yet…they stuck with me.

I kept imagining giving these cards to people…oh the bizarre comedy of it.

So I selected a few that WERE safe for my blog for you to share a giggle with me.


Sometimes, the truth hurts.

And sometimes, The truth is DANG FUNNY.

And nothing says that better than a card with 1st grader art-work.

<—————“I think your baby has ruined our friendship! I liked you better when you were drunk all the time”

“You are so hot! I can’t believe I tricked you into marrying me!——————>

Turns out the artist has a blog too.

Check it here…





*Oh and FTC?

I wasn’t given a damn thing for this post so you can suck it.

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