How to solve the problems of the world.

Every time I mention Ed Hardy I get awesome feedback.

Remember the Ed Hardy car

Well, The Association is always working hard to fix all things wrong with the world.

Starting with ED HARDY deep v-neck shirts with rhinestones and glitter made for MEN.

But maybe these guys JUST DON’T KNOW how gay bad they look.

Maybe no one told them?

Apparently a reader/friend (Hey Roxanne!) agreed and thought I should design a bumper sticker to inform them.

Bumper Sticker; I think less of you when you wear Ed Hardy. No I really really do. MUCH LESS.


And I have solved other pressing problems in the world like bra straps and butt cracks with this business card.

At this rate I should be on Ellen/Oprah/Dr.Phil pretty soon.

(I love them in that order)

I am agaist freely showing your bra straps, butt cracks and fat rolls. Take note.

Click here to read…

Clearly these are big issues to Association readers.

The business card post? Is my all-time most popular post.

Gets hundreds and hundreds of hits everyday.

Maybe I should actually print these and sell them?





* Photo note: Not my car. My car is clean, waxed and perfect at all times.

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