On sale now! Tickets to ME.

ExMo Flyer2010

Did you hear about this? It is like a stand-up blogging mash-up show.

And guess who was asked to be in it?



It is the best of both world’s for me. I love, love LOVE to be on stage. (repeat LOVE)

Especially doing a piece I actually wrote. Did you all know I have an English degree with an emphasis on Playwriting?

I am a total theater freak…I have done tons of plays, musicals and more. I know. I get geekier with every post don’t I?

However I am both terrified and thrilled to do this new show.

Thrilled to be able to perform, and terrified I will never find the perfect dress to wear.

Can you come support me?

Click here for tickets.


We can all hit the bar afterwards…

And you can lie to tell me how my dress was perfect k?

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