Life Motto #112: “Better to be busy than bored”

Just a whole bunch of Christmas craziness this week. Parties, Packing and Prayin.

  • Prayin all my online gifts will get here in time.
  • Prayin I can rustle up enough warm clothes to survive Chicago in the winter.
  • And Prayin I can do it all…with a smile.

But seriously people, I have been mega busy and I think I will be until early Spring.

Oh, I am not complaining…just sayin.

So here is something I did over the weekend that took up a fair amount of time.

I made Egyptian canopic jars for a burial tomb.

What the…?


And we made them using paper mache pumpkins as the base.
Cuz we are clever like that.
I love that Jack thought this homework project was ‘blog-worthy’ and he photographed the whole thing…
I, er….HE better get an A+.
Meanwhile I am still digging the clay out of my nails.

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