A long, rambling post holiday post…



We made it home from our trip to Chicago visiting my in-law side of the family. And after a day of exhausting travel attempting to leave the Midwest in the middle of a snow storm, we walked into our home and had Christmas all over again. In years past, We shipped ALL THE KIDS GIFTS ahead to Chicago, ‘Santa’ came and the kids opened them all. Then we would tear them from their little Santa believing hands to pack them up to SHIP them home again. Well this was the first year I had no believers in the house…so I THOUGHT we were ready to try the mature approach. Just have the kids had wait to open all their gifts AFTER we got home. Seemed like a great idea, until I realized (after I was there) that the younger cousins were all getting a visit by Santa. Remarkably my boys were very good about it …and focused on the best gift of all grandma’s killer breakfast bacon spending time with family.


Notice the blur of the hands.

This bacon was gone in 3.2 seconds.


A special thank you to my mother-in-law who cleaned, cooked and cleaned again for an entire week.

Not only does she not ask me to lift a finger to make a meal or wash a dish she sincerely INSISTS I don’t.

And even though travelling over the holidays is tiring and difficult….

(and my fantasy dream next year I might want to get a mountain cabin and ask everyone to COME TO ME for once)

It was really a good break  in a lot of ways.

It’s always a little heartbreaking to visit Chicago. We lived there for 3 years and I bonded with the area and my husbands family.

Hard to explain, but I feel much more comfortable in Illinois than here in Southern California.

We have lived away for many years now, and I just got the nerve to visit my old house in Hinsdale during this trip.

It was just too painful before.

So we went, and I sat there and remembered decorating that maple tree out front with Christmas lights while Baby Jack sat in his carrier on the front porch just a month after we moved in….and I might have wanted to cry. But didn’t. So that is progress.


So we went to reconnect with it all….. And we did.

Great to see everyone. Skype just doesn’t cut it sometimes.



(However, I need uglier, fatter, less stylish and fashionable sister-in-laws. That would help. Seriously. These women are tough to keep up with.)


To quote my MIL.

“Another Christmas in the can!”


Annnnddd..a special thank you to The Husband.

Who even though he insisted on us not exchanging Christmas presents this year…got me something I love anyway.

And it is Coach periwinkle.

Love that.

Love him.


I got big things brewing in 2010 people.

Stick around.

It’s gonna be a killer glamorous year.

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