Linky: Best Tweet of the Week!

This tweet occurred to me while signing papers.

Parenting is a lot like signing your life away.In triplicate…..

oh there is a joke in there somewhere. Trust me.


Welcome to the first weekly Best Tweet of the Week carnival thingy.

I have been doing these ‘best tweet’ things for a while now but a good friend of mine (Hey hey Ms. Kara-Noel!)

insisted said I should make it a linky thing. And because I am scared of her disapproval I do whatever she tells me to do,

Oh and I was also nominated by this hot chick for a Shorty award because of this series too.

(Should I mention I am losing to David Archuletta in the HUMOR series? He is funnier than me? Really? I mean I know he could take me in SINGING. But in funny tweets? I guess I under estimated him all together)

I am not much for rules…but please try to lie convincingly promise it is actually a tweet from the previous or current week k?

Oh and you don’t have to do the kooky art-work thing like I do… you can present it anyway you want.

Link ‘em up!

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