Be careful asking your friends to tell you who you look like.

So I was just teaching you all about ‘Memies’ on Facebook in this post, and now I am gonna talk about another trend…requests for avatar/profile image changes. Usually these are done in support of a cancer, Haiti or something else heartbreaking. So just like high school the peer pressure to ‘play along’ is great. This week everyone is changing their photo to a ‘famous person whom you have been told you look like’. Well, I gotta be honest…no one, not ever has said I look like anyone famous. LIKE EVER. Which was alarming to a child who WANTED to BE someone famous. (This disappointment went hand-in-hand with my desire to have a nickname. Never got one of those either. I am nearly over it. Nearly. Ahem.) Any whoo… I mentioned this on Facebook and within minutes it was suggested to me that I look like Faith Prince. Who? Yeah…I had to Google too. But as soon as I saw it was like looking in a mirror I recognized her.

Faith Prince
Los Angeles, CA

Which I can totally live with.

I mean after all she is a TONY winner,famous and funny.

So I went looking for more photos.

And found this one.

This one I am not gonna claim a resemblance. I can do that. This is my blog.

ACA Hope

or this next one.. image

(although I am thinking this is probably way closer to reality than I want to claim)

But this last one?

Heck yeah.

Hell yeah.




faithprinceSo who do you look like? 

And you can’t say Faith Prince cuz she is ALL MINE now. I am now on a quest to meet her. I need a side by side photo. Now that would be fun huh?


* Special shout out to my buddy Nik who tried to convince me I was ALREADY famous so this whole thing didn’t apply.

Which helped take the sting out. And almost makes up for the lack of a nickname too. Almost.

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