If they came today, this is how it would go down.


Interviewer: So, Marcy what is it like to live The Glamorous Life?

Marcy: Well let’s take a little tour around my house…Oh look the washing machine is leaking. And my son has strategically placed his new roller blades in the door way of the garage which I can guarantee I will be tripping over later. Awesome.


Interviewer: Why don’t you show me where the magic happens.

Marcy: Oh I haven’t made my bed.

(awkward pause)

Interviewer : Um, I meant your home office. Where you write.

Marcy: Oh THAT magic. Sure…

(opens door)

Marcy: Um, yeah. Turns out Mozy-Kitty likes the feel of the keyboard under her. Isn’t she perfect?

Interviewer: I am a dog person.

(another awkward pause)


Marcy: Can I get you anything?

(opens fridge)


Interviewer: No thanks. I am good.

(final awkward pause. And by far the longest)

Marcy: Yeah. I guess you got what you need.

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