Talking about the first person.

I am realizing the importance of being the first. Not the first like winning a race or the being the first in a little league championship, but more like being the first person to do something.

(You are thinking…Marcy start making sense or I am clicking away. I know, I know…)

Recently while walking thru a modern art museum, one of my kids said, while pointing to a graphic square of yellow on a white canvas ‘hey, I could totally do that!’ and I had to give a little art lesson, in my best museum hushed civilized parent voice about how some art is considered great because it was THE FIRST to be done in a particular manner.  We talked about Warhol and Picasso and all the rest….and I emphasized that these works are not necessary revered for the skill it took to create them, but rather the creativity that motivated the artist to create them in the first place.

(BTW this fits nicely with my Dooce theory as well. That she is popular not based on quality content, but on the fact that she was one of the first female bloggers…but I digress.)

In the last 2 years I have sat by as I watched several of my ideas and plans, have been  stolen away from me.  Maybe it was something I might have mentioned that I was going to do/create/plan to a new friend at a blog conference or even ideas chatted over cocktails with fellow blogging/media friends. Ideas that the other individuals took and ran with, and didn’t look back. And in another case, I watched as someone ran with an idea that I had not even vocalized yet- but I had thought about it, and built a proposal plan for….but, and this is the important part, but I DIDN’T ACT ON IT FAST ENOUGH. (That is one I may never get over. Because really- what the hell was I waiting for?)

So why this photo for this post?

Well, every time I see these shelves at Urban Outfitters I wonder about the crazy person who walked out of a thrift shop with armfuls of  25cent figurines, clocks and ashtrays , with the intention of recreating them for the 20 something crowd to decorate their dorm rooms and Ikea laden apartments. All for huge profits. I think about that crazy person. And I think…WHAT A GENIUS. Not because he thought of it. But because he had the nerve to actually DO IT.

And so now, I am committing to acting on my ideas.

Here is to 2010 bringing new site concepts, iPhone apps, and publishing of my books. And you know what else I am committed too? Keeping my mouth shut. I gotta stop telling everyone my plans I guess. Even people I thought would never steal from me- well, they did. With a smile on their face. Next time someone says, “don’t worry I got your back”. I will know that they mean “so I can stab you  in it.”

Oh and when I finished my little speech to my kids that day in the museum, they just looked up and asked when we were going to lunch. I am starting to think the speech did more good for me than them. I really need to listen to myself more often I think.

So tell me glam members…..are you a ‘First Person” ? I want to be…..and I will.


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