10 Tips for using your digital camera to preserve childhood memories.

I am so lucky. Through the use of digital photography I have been able to preserve so much of my children’s childhood it is crazy. We can click back easily (through the use of programs like Picasa) and relive our lives when my boys were young, and life moved so fast (still does) that is so easy to miss it all. And although my hard drive is full of nearly 60,000 photos- not all of them are of the ‘say cheese’ variety. I have tried to use my camera to capture ALL of their childhood. I wanted to share some of my ideas with you…..

IMG_5535 Age4-1 image0

1. Art work: It is easier than scanning, and helps to preserve that Open House work of Art on the wall of the classroom, since by the time you see it again it will be destroyed from a trip home in a backpack.

DSC01346 IMG_5527 IMG_5442

2. Edible, temporary or bulky crafts: These things actually can not be saved. So a photo is a great option.

IMG_0717 IMG_0160 IMG_0024

3. Toys: Eagerly we will cleanout a toy box to make room for new stuff. But having a photo of some of the favorites makes reminiscing so much more rewarding later for both you and the kids.

IMG_3905 copy IMG_0615 footWEB

4. Lovies: Charlie the Bear and Blue Blankie were/are so important to my children- it is like they are members of the family. Is it possible that some day they will no longer be with us? Possible, but with  photos we will never forget them.

5. The Details: Those little feet look so soft and edible? Take a photo now. Before long they will be stinky pre-teen feet. Trust me. This I know.

IMG_4151 IMG_0179 IMG_0907 IMG_0196

6. Their Friends: Take photos of those playdates, sleepovers and field trips. And the bonus is, if your kid is a playa since like BIRTH, you will get lots of photos of him with adorable little girls.


7. Their Rooms: Having moved 4 times in 12 years, I am always happy to have photos of the kids rooms as well as all the rooms & exterior of houses we have owned from Chicago to San Francisco to Orange County.


8. Favorite hang outs: Take a photo of Target? Yes! Or maybe a favorite yogurt store or local playground.

IM000268 copy_filtered brickjack


9. The Mad Face: Not every photo has to a ‘pretty’ one. This face Tucker used to make pretty much would melt me. I never wanted to forget it. And Jack? He makes this SAME face many years later. And don’t forget to grab your camera when unfortunate things are happening. This is a photo of Tucker when he was in the hospital for this. It is the only photo I took, and I wish I had more.


10: Documents: Report Cards, eye glass prescriptions and awards can all be stored nicely in your computer for easy locating later.  And before you say anything, yes, I am blind.

But remember the most important thing….online back up. I use Mozy (hence my cat’s name) , which is about $5 a month. But there are many other services out there. It guarantees if your computer explodes or your house burns up all your photo memories and photo records will be with you forever. It is piece of mind that is worth the cost.

If you have any suggestions to add to this post, I would love to hear them.

Please leave them in the comments so everyone can benefit!

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