World of Color Blue-unless-I-am-colorblind RED carpet.

Last night I was honored to be invited to attend the premier of The World Of Color show at Disney’s California Adventure.

First came the ‘red carpet’ with loads of stars including; Jason Segel, Teri Hatcher, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Lee Curtis, Geena Davis, John Stamos, all the Modern Family kids and many more.

But my favorite was my new boyfriend Bob Iger.

I was able to interview Bob Iger (Disney CEO) & Tom Staggs (Chairman of Parks and  Resorts).

And yes, I asked them both about reading blogs…..which was based on a readers question “do you use what you see on the blogs and forums as input in decision making”.

You will have to wait for their answers…but it was interesting to say the least. I am actually heading back into the park right now (it is a 2 day event) so the video footage of the interviews will be up soon.

Meanwhile enjoy some photos….


Teri offered to take photos with about 50 people on the carpet. It was adorable. She was great to talk to as well. AND? She has a blog that she pimped TO US. Awesome Teri.

And Jason? Um, shave much?

IMG_0583-1 IMG_0578-1

It’s a bit alarming I was most excited about seeing little Nolan Gould (Modern Family). He has the best comic timing and is ADORABLE in person too.

IMG_0591-1 IMG_0608-1

Jamie came running back to tell Geena a secret of some kind. They were cracking each other up.




My new BFF, Mr. Bob Iger. Hey Bob give me a call and we will get you going on that blog thing we talked about K?


I am sure by now you have seen my earlier review of the World of Color show.

But I am surprised to tell you, last night I had a totally different experience. I will be chatting more about that over at The Daily Disney tomorrow. With additional photos and video footage.

IMG_0752Ever wonder what it is like to have Disney close down the park and turn it into a club-like party?

Well this is what it is like. Lounges, shag carpets, live band, glowing and free-flowing cocktails and in general?


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