It takes skill to offend Tony Hawk in 3 questions or less. I got mad skillz.

Over the weekend I did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned a hamster cage, went to a friends pool party and oh yeah…interviewed Tony Hawk.

Thaaaaaat’s right people, I had a chance to sit down with the skateboard god and ask him a few questions.

So here is the video. A few disclaimers….what sounds like heavy breathing on my part is the mic’s fault. For some reason it decided to get my heavy breathing more than Tony’s voice. Oh but wait the interview gets even better …everyone once in a while I stop laughing like a school girl and I say things that offend him. Awesome. Watch and this will all make sense…

Now the real scoop. I was pretty thrilled to get this opportunity, and I think it is wildly cool of Tony to agree to chat with me (and only about 2 others)…but I have to say, he was a difficult interview. I expected a light hearted so-cal skateboard guy. But he was actually very reserved, guarded and well, very corporate. Slap a tie on that t-shirt and he could have been Joe CEO. But that is okay….after all, he runs a huge empire and is basically done more for the sport of skateboarding than Tiger Woods has done for golf. He has helped take it from fringe delinquent hobby to mainstream athletic sport. I guess that changes a guy. Of course with all this corporate-ness has helped him to establish a pretty awesome charitable foundation that builds skate parks in underprivileged areas. So that makes him very cool in my book.

See his hand on my shoulder in the photo?

Pretty sure he was getting ready to strangle me.

Thanks Tony. I promise next time I will be nicer.

Watch some more of Marcy’s heavy breathing interviewing skills here.

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