HomeHer10. Worth every penny to attend.

Over the weekend I attended a huge national blogger convention. I laughed, I connected with online friends and generally felt at home. Oh wait….that is because I WAS HOME.

Thaaaaaat’s right kids, I am talking about the world-wide sensation of HomeHer10. It all started here. And it has grown to have nearly as many attendees as that other blog conference going on this weekend as well. You remember the other one I am talking about don’t you? As you will recall…..I attended that one last year. And had less than a stellar time. (feel free to read about that experience here if you wish to relieve my pain. I just re-watched the vlog I made from there and it made me cry. OY) Apparently for some of us it is not the love fest everyone is talking about.

But this year I attended HomeHer10. And it was great.

A few of us* have been featured in a video we made about the amazing HomeHer10 conference! I am so excited to share this with you. Finally you get to see how AWESOME attending one of these conferences really is!

Don’t believe me?

Do a Twitter search for #HomeHer10 and prepare to be in hysterics with the thousands of updates from the attendees.

Here is a sample of a few of mine.

Anyone having a hard time getting room service to answer? I need coffee! #HomeHer10

My attendees got in trouble for fighting. They are now attending a mandatory ROYO session. #HomeHer10

Wow this room party is getting wild!People getting into beds! I love it here! #HomeHer10 Rocks! I love drinking!! I luv exclamation points!

Gosh I hope my roommate doesn’t snore tonight. That could be (familiar) awkward. #HomeHer10

And YES. I made a logo.

And I made a t-shirt store too. Get your original HomeHer10 t-shirt here.

Part of this was just being stupid creative and part of this was mocking all of the incessant and insane Blogher attendees that insist on tweeting every single mundane detail of their BlogHer experience. I can not understand it. “Got to my room. Great view!”, “Going down for breakfast. Hope there is coffee!”, “ooo gots lots of swag but my feet are killing me”…..it goes on and on. All punctuated by twitpics of stiletto shoes, cocktails and stupid people doing stupid things in bathrooms while they pretend to be too ‘shy’ to hang out with the rest of the party people. We all get it. YOU ARE AT A CONFERENCE. But guess what? We don’t care. We don’t care what people are wearing, or if a keynote made you cry. Honestly if we cared…we would have gone. But we didn’t. I mean I am happy for you. If BlogHer Conferences are your thing…then I am honestly happy you went. That is great. Have fun. But why are you drowning the rest of us with updates like “OMG Squeeee I just saw Pioneer Woman!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!”?


So go. Have fun. But next time………please DON’T tell us about it.

And while I am on my BlogHer rant. Can ANYONE tell me what that squiggly thing is in the BlogHer logo? Is that a ball in a bowl with a mustache? I swear I have been starring at it all weekend and I can not figure it out.


*My homies in the video? Suzanne and Foolery. OF COURSE.

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