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Today is my first day of summer.

What? No really. Okay it just FEELS like it. Because from the very moment the last school bell rang on that last day of school I have been on a marathon race. From daycamp to daycamp. To the airport and back. Entertaining guests. To visiting in-laws out of state and all the other craziness a fully scheduled summer looks like. But today we have nothing. And nothing ahead of us for the month of August.

With my boys attending all these day camps in Orange County I have become somewhat of an expert on them (in my head.) And boy was I surprised by Discovery Science Center’s camps the boys went to last week. Jack learned some computer programming and walked away having designed (with code!) and entire video game. And Tucker learned by doing (lots of science-y craft projects). But I made a rookie move when I booked these camps. The boy’s classes started and ended at different times. Which meant I had more than enough time to sit around and be bored out of my mind OR hang out inside the museum and partake in the very cool new TinkerToy exhibit. I giggled as I watched my nearly 12 yr old Jack fall in love with this classic toy all over again. (Oh we stopped by the Grossology section. And it was well, GROSS). So next summer (or this summer. There are some sessions left), when you are looking for an affordable, educational and FUN day camp I would highly recommend checking out Discovery Science Center’s offerings.

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