The Penguin Army

So how was your first day of ‘summer’ Marcy?  (read this post to make sense).

Well,  last night I let the boys stay up until about 11pm when they passed out ALL NIGHT which was brilliant, since it got them to sleep in this morning until the late hour of 8:30 (Tucker is known for waking at 5:30. EVEN IN THE SUMMER). So I got loads of internet/blogging/tweeting work done before they got up. Then I proceeded to dive into a million business calls I had to make. They go outside and fly a kite, swim in the backyard, play street hockey, make a movie with the cat and eat everything in my pantry. I realize it is now all of 10:30. OH BOY. Being productive is challenging when you have someone asking you about greek mythology and ‘what is an escrow mommy?’ questions….So when they ask to ride up to the local craft store to buy some clay for a project I eagerly agree. I mean a whole 30 minutes of silence? Awesome. Off they go. Calling me on the cell phone at every stop…..they returned. And then they proceeded to sit and work on their ‘army of penguins’ for the next TWO HOURS. Unassisted. It was heaven. And adorable.


We now have an army of penguins in the house. Which as you know will come in handy during the krill zombie invasion.

Or so I was told.


And do not attempt to adjust your screen.

Yes, that is a penguin with a Viking helmet and bazooka.


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