Comedy. It is everywhere.

My mom is moving.

Moving out of the house I lived in as a teenager and thru college.

She has lived there for over 25 years.

And my dad lived there too.

Until he died.

I am a sad, sentimental, nostalgic kinda gal so this kind of transition is a little hard on my heart. But I am also practical, realistic and a business minded. And this move, just makes sense for my mom…for many reasons. Meanwhile I have been wondering what it will be like to drive by her old street when it no longer is hers.I had a dream of buying the house from her, but that didn’t happen. So one day when I was over helping pack up a few boxes and fighting back tears cleaning out my dads tool bench, I went for a walk. I wanted to capture this sign. Look closely. Someone has added an adorable feather to the silhouette and turned this ‘horse crossing’ sign into ‘Indian crossing’. It has been like this for as long as I can remember, and it makes me smile every single time I pass by on my way to my old homestead.

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