How to throw a 12 year old boy birthday party.

For his 12th birthday party we rented a skating a rink. Which was about as expensive as those bounce house places people do for toddlers. Okay maybe a little more. But honestly it was SO WORTH IT. We had a lightly inspired ‘Disco-Funk’ theme. And it started with the invitation. Which was a WEBSITE. Cuz that is how we roll in the Massura home. We like to ‘tech it up’ when possible. Jack asked for one thing for his birthday. A very very specific pair of shoes. A pair of shoes that were sold out in every state and every country. But magically grandma found them and saved the day.

IMG_1951 copyIMG_1970 copy

IMG_2022 copyIMG_1984-1 copy In honor of one of Jack’s favorite foods, we had a sandwich bar along with the many bowls of assorted candy, chips and basic stuff-that-is-bad-for-you- but-is-expected-at-a-party. My good friend Kristi came. She is that friend you say ‘oh no I don’t need any help’ and she knows you are lying and she comes and helps anyway. AND I hired her 12 yr old daughter to make the cupcakes (she has a new business The Cuppycake Company) and WOW they were delicious and beautiful.

The best part was the kids. All just wonderful children. Funny, polite, silly kids. I love watching Jack interact with his peeps.

They like him.

And nothing NOTHING makes a mom feel better than to see that.


It’s over and I so relieved.

Just in time to get sad. HE’S TWELVE?

My baby?

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