Lessons at my dad’s bench.

Well operation ‘move the mom’ is complete. In less than 45 days we listed, sold, packed up and moved her house of 25 years. It has been a world wind of a real estate experience that was complicated by horrible realtors, buyers and lenders on all sides. As I sit and type this, my mom is comfortably in her brand new house just a mere 1/2 block from my own (her old house was only 2 miles away but still…) and the old house now sits empty awaiting the new owners to move in tomorrow. As I have established I can be more than a little mushy when it comes to my dad who died 6 years ago. And while I have pretty much dealt with it…when I saw his work bench in the garage I had to snap a photo. This was my dad’s happy-place’. He spent more than a few hours re-building carburetors, welding dune buggy frames and fixing anything you put in front of him. But my dad was camera shy. And not long after he was diagnosed I was visiting. One day I called his name and he turned to look. Startled. Annoyed. And definitely was not pleased to look up and see my camera. But I didn’t care. I wanted this photo of him. Dad and his bench.

DadsbenchI learned a lot at dad’s bench. Patience for one. And perseverance for another. My dad would approach any problem or project methodically. And would stay at it until he got it right. Or near right. Or good enough. And although I thought my dad ‘new everything about fixing anything’ when I was younger, later on I learned he would actually teach himself how to do half the things he did. He would buy manuals on electric wiring and books on transmissions. He never once thought he couldn’t do something because he didn’t already know how….he just learned how. And I can not tell you how much that is apart of my life today. For the record I know my dad would be happy my mom moved. He would be happy she is not going to have to worry about taking care of a big home that required tons of maintenance. He would be happy because she is happy. Cuz that was all that ever mattered to him anyhow.

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