ProductTalk: Oh no we didn’t. OH YES WE DID.

Sometimes a commercial comes on TV that makes me think we are watching a Tivo’d episode of Saturday Night Live. I mean, when this commercial came I on I almost died cracking up. So I did a little research and was able to locate the transcripts* of the creators during the original meeting…

Bob: Ugh. Christmas is coming. What are we gonna ‘chia’ this year?

Mike: Well we have done Garfield and Mr. T. And I am pretty sure no one even remembers the original ChiaPet.

Bob: The thing is…. We need something to Chia that looks like it is supposed to be CHIA’D.

Mike: What?

Bob: How about  a poodle. That would be good Chia’s

Mike: Did it already. in ’89. Along with Chia Scooby Doo.

Bob: Hmmm…..Hey How about Obama. We can Chia his ‘fro.

Mike: Seriously Bob? That is racisit….I think.

Bob: A fro is racisit? Really? But just think how awesome a presidential green growing FRO would be!!!

Mike: True. But we will need to do some other white presidents just to keep people off our backs in case they think it is racisist.

Bob: Fine. Washington and that other dude that got shot…

Mike: Lincoln?

Bob: Yeah. He could totally rock a Chia-Fro.

And just like that we have Chia Presidents.

And I am embarrassed for my country.


*not actual transcripts. Well, not that I know of.

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