Good clean fun…..

Today I was lucky to spend part of it with my girlfriends 3 kids, who honestly are just more fun than trouble. But keeping 5 kids busy and happy isn’t always the easiest thing. So after the ping-pong playoff, a trip to Del Taco, a million games on the Wii, two skinned knees and more we made Ivory soap boats. Have you ever done this? So fun, since they can be ‘carved’ using even a plastic knife (note: cover the entire table with newspaper, or you will be very sorry. Turns out crafts with soap aren’t as clean as you might think).

After decorating the sails (and using some kitchen skewers for masts) we went to my rain soaked back yard to sail them in the water fall/ pool thing. The best thing is Ivory soap floats no matter what you do to it. So it was fun for everyone.

IMG_3815-1 IMG_3819-1

Something else we did together was create this website….I would appreciate you go check it out!

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