Wonder if they make a contraception sock too.

SkyMall never ever fails to entertain me. Remember this from years ago? Well, lookie-here…Now you can by shoes with SPERM as their logo. Oh least you think this is some kind of cultural accident (like the shirts made in Japan that try to say American phrases like “Let’s Rock and Roll Baby!” and instead their translator told them to use “We should roll the stone you infant!”) this company knows exactly what it’s logo is. As a matter of fact it refers to it in the ad  and describes it as the

‘Slick Seed of Life Logo. Because it’s cool’.

blink. blink.


No it isn’t.

It is kinda GROSS. Guys, your logo is a bodily fluid.

And – that is….well, I don’t know what it is…but I know for certain it is NOT COOL.

And why we are at it ‘trampoline technology’? Really?

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