Boo-Yaa. 13 years and still standing.

Today I have been a ‘Mrs.’ for 13 years. THIRTEEN Years. That’s a whole lotta years of marriage folks. So today I decided to re-post the story of my bizarre engagement. There are more details- stuff I can tell you in person some day, but for now here is the abridged version. And it is kinda crazy.

This originally was part of the first online wedding proposal that I orchestrated (It was internet wide. See the original post here.)

How about the story of my own engagement. Was it sky writing? Was it a ring in the champagne? Was it in a horse drawn carriage in Central Park? Well. NO. Actually I got engaged on a dare of sorts.

Sidenote: isn’t The Husband HOT in this wedding photo? Okay back to the story…

The Husband lived in Manhattan and I lived in Hollywood when we met. A week later he called to tell me he was going to move to Hollywood to be with me. I had only known him a week but I was already crazy in love, still I had to play it cool.

So the conversation went like this:

Me: Oh yeah, and um where are you gonna live?

Him: Ah….with….you.

Me: Really? Yeah, um  I don’t think so….not without a ring on my finger. (I was totally being sarcastic. Totally.)

Him: Fine. When you come next week on your business trip let’s go ring shopping.

Me: (thinking he was kidding) Oh sure. Let’s go ring shopping!

Him: Okay then. We’re getting married.

Me: Yeah we are totally getting married. (Still being sarcastic. Clearly a problem for me)

And so it was. I was in New York a week later on business and lo and behold as soon as I got out of my car from the airport he said “Ready to go ring shopping?” (what girl says no to THAT question?)…and off we went. To the jewelry district. There was a precious moment in the basement of a jewelry store when my ring was in the other room being sized and we were alone; he got on one knee and asked me to marry him officially. And I cried a little.  So my engagement story is a little unusual….but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Eleven THIRTEEN years, 2 kids, 5 houses, 5 moves and a lot of laughs and a few tears later….I have learned much from my marriage.

Mainly I have learned not to dare my husband…cuz he is a follow thru kinda guy.

IMG_2634 copy

Happy Anniversary Husband.

(This is where I would write how much I love you, but I know that would not be cool to you-to have that all over the internet and everything- so I will not tell you that I adore you and like you more everyday. Ahem.)


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