Dr. Drew thinks I am perfectly normal. Maybe.


Sometimes, even the nerve I have to say things OUT LOUD amazes even ME. Sometimes as they are coming out of my mouth I think’ wow, I really shouldn’t say this’ and then I proceed to say it.

I ran up to Hollywood last night to hang out with Jessica Northey who was speaking at the Worldwide Radio Summit. She knew just about everyone there…and somewhere between listening to the Iron Maiden manager guy talk about groupies and the Yahoo Music guy talk about contracts and taking lots of photos with people who thought we were famous, I met Dr. Drew. And it was going smoothly (he was adorably charming. Like super adorably charming by the way.) I decide to tell him about a need for an ‘Attention Rehab’ where everyone obsessed with Social Media could go and be ignored. I told him this…as the photo was being taken.

He thought it was funny.

And asked for my card.

So he either has plans to run an intervention and put me in rehab or he is gonna steal my stellar idea and wants to know who to not take calls from.

It’s okay Dr. Drew. I still love you.

Sidenote: I may or may not have been a guest on Dr. Drews LoveLine in the 90’s. Yeah it was like that.

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