Mothers Day.


This is my mom and me. I think around 1994. We are out in the middle of Death Valley and we were there watch my Dad race. This is my favorite photo of us, because we both look so happy to just be hanging out with each other; flipping thru magazines, taking video of Dad on that giant camera on her lap and just enjoying each other. Not much has changed. We can still have fun together doing just about anything.

Of course my hair was shorter, but just as red to match my hooker blood red nails. I was ‘insanely’ single and enjoying my serial dating status with a vengeance. I could never ever have imagined I would be married and a mom of two kids myself only 4 or 5 years after this photo. But I was. And then I had even more in common with my mom, besides hair color and our love of white t-shirts.

Happy Mother’s Day to you mom.

You are a great person, who makes my life possible in more ways than one.

I love you.

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