So this is the year I got cigarettes as a gift.

IMG_2740 IMG_2746

First there was the ‘banana themed’ breakfast made by the boys. Complete with killer plating skills. Then cards with adorable notes in really poor handwriting… And as I was sitting there eating my lovely meal, I looked up and saw my boys making me a banana smoothie (um, banana is my favorite can you tell?)….


A regular Hallmark moment huh? And then Jack gave me his ‘gift’….


Seems when he saw these chocolate cigarettes at the candy store he thought of me.*

Which left me laughing HYSTERICALLY.

So as the day moves on , I am very full…..

Of bananas and laughter and love.

*I don’t smoke. And actually I don’t even eat much chocolate. But I do love random, retro weird stuff. My kid so gets me.

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