{Marcy’Social} Be obvious.

imageIf you are selling your house, one of the first things you do is have an obnoxious sign planted out in front to let the world know “ WE ARE SELLING OUR HOUSE. BUY THIS”.  If you want to be picked to answer a question in a class or conference you raise you hand with enthusiasm (ala Horseshack) and say ‘PICK ME’. Heck, even the pathetic attention starved bachelorettes wear veils and tiaras when they hit the bars for their night-before party to let the world know “I AM SO AWESOME. I AM GETTING MARRIED. BUY ME DRINKS’.

All of these examples show our innate human skill for making our wants OBVIOUS. So it humors me a bit when I am asked to offer advice on a website or asked how to use social media for business, that so much of peoples ‘wants’ are buried deep in their content and layout.

If you are looking for a job, want a brand sponsorship or heck even looking for a long lost love- SAY SO. Say it in your Twitter bio, on the sidebar of your blog (link to resume or a video of you) and any place else you can.

So many people in the social space are busy creating the illusion that they are more successful than they really are, that they forget to actually let the world know THEY NEED HELP. Working feverishly to acquire likes and fans and followers so people will ‘think’ they are already rock stars. They are creating a house of cards out of smoke and mirrors, and consequently- the act of actually saying “I NEED WORK” or some other desire looks out of place. Look, I get it…nobody likes to ask for help, as it implies NEED and need implies a shortcoming.

But I encourage you to stop all this nonsense and portray yourself AUTHENTICALLY in the social space. Be honest about your work status (stop saying your are ‘freelancing’ when in reality you are just looking for the next corporate gig) and start SPEAKING UP.

Ask your friends for work. Tell your Twitter followers that you need to help. You might be very surprised just how awesome the social universe can be when you put all your needs and wants out there.

Want something? Make it OBVIOUS.

And in that spirit- I am always (tell a friend) looking for more speaking opportunities and corporate social education gigs. In addition I would love to find a mint red and white 56 Chevy to replace the one I had when I was 16.

See? It’s not so hard to SAY WHAT YOU WANT. Try it.


(I know. You all are digging my awesome posing skills huh?)


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