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When people ask me what I am reading at the moment I usually lie and name some social media book that is all the rage. Yeah, you heard me- I LIE. Oh it’s not that I don’t own the book, and it’s not that it doesn’t live next to my bed- but finding the time to actually READ a WHOLE book can be a problem for someone like me. I need quality content that can be read in shorter bursts, like waiting for the kids in the school pick up line, or the dreaded time when they don’t allow ANY electronics on as the plane takes off. Enter the business magazine-stage left.

Lately I have been super duper in love with three mags, Wired, The Week and Bloomberg Businessweek. And recently Bloomberg is impressing me more and more with stellar content AND compelling cover art. This is out of the box stuff people. Like the dual covers (one sent to West coast and the other to East) titled “The Infidelity Economy”. And when they covered part of the magazine title with band-aids I my design heart swooned.

So who is creating this graphic magic? Creative Director Richard Turley has been applying his unique aesthetic to this previously ordinary business cover real-estate and is turning covers into powerful graphic statements.

I laughed so hard at the Trump cover, which I am guessing was Mr. Turley’s intention. Trump is one big joke anyway, but add the copy ‘Seriously?’ and you have GENIUS people. Graphic GENIUS.


People keep telling me print magazines are going away thanks to digital this or that. And the only thing I will miss? The covers.

For a larger gallery of the magazine’s recent covers visit CoverJunkie.

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