Chris O’Donnell made a video for the Glamorous Life members!

_MG_2195As most of you know- I am the digital voice of Lunchables (as a Weber Shandwick employee) and recently had an opportunity to write an entire script for Chris O’Donnell! Okay fine …not really a script…more like a 30 sec video spot. But whatever…I don’t care, I am pretty much gonna tell my grandkids that I used to write for NCIS now….cuz I plan to lie like hell to my grandkids.

You know, just to help inspire them.

Still, I am pretty proud of the copy. And my goodness…isn’t he adorable? Oh he also did this great question and answer video series (answering fan questions) which you can watch on the Lunchables FB page. He talks about his friendship with LL Cool J and being a dad. It’s great.

Thanks Chris. You are so GLAMOROUS.

I am a Weber Shandwick employee and Lunchables is a Weber Shandwick client.
They are both equally awesome.

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