Family Field Trip: Hollyweird and Venice Beach

Yippee! You get to look at my vacation photos! This is so much easier than setting up the slide machine in the rumpus room and inviting you all over for a pot luck huh? Honestly this post is so long and self indulgent I can’t believe you are still reading. nevertheless…

familyfieldtripSince nearly everyone and their brother head to the beach over the 4th of July weekend here in Orange County, we thought we would do something different and head up to Hollywood for the night. We decided to do all the cheesy ‘museums’ on Hollywood Blvd. with the boys- because, well..they love that stuff. We did Ripley’s Believe it or Not and well, believe it or not they had no air conditioning on this 100 degree day. Um, THAT was fun. Next up was the Wax Museum. Keeping my expectations really low (given my Ripley’s experience) I was very surprised how much fun this was. And since these figures are made of WAX, the air-conditioning was kicked into high gear.

We had WAY too much fun taking pictures with the figures. Jack was a little concerned he has the same glasses as Austin Powers, and Tucker gets the award for being the most ‘wax like’. Oh and the Joker was so ‘real’ it totally freaked me out. Seriously, even the photo gives me the heebee-jeebies.

IMG_3020-1 IMG_3036-1IMG_3038-1 IMG_3025-1

And there was me and my unfortunate trapeze-style-horizontal-stripe top. Which I see by these photos is the 2011 equivalent of the mu-mu. But the upside is if you are looking for a top to add 20lbs to your frame I have just the thing ladies! The good news is, Hugh didn’t seem to mind at all. No wonder Crystal Harris called off the wedding. All he did was lay there and look smug.

IMG_3026-1 IMG_3033-1 IMG_3014-1

Next up was the Guinness World Record museum. Which had such wonderful demonstrations of over eating as this lovely stick-your-head-in fat body thing. Cuz that is fun for kids. Jack loved it when I yelled “See? THIS is why I say go outside and play!”. Next up was the hotel with the roof top pool. I am sure all those people up there sipping cocktails loved it when my kids came and started cannon balling. Of course I just glanced over my sun glasses and said something like ‘jeez who would bring KIDS here?’. That was awesome.

IMG_3051-1 IMG_3060-1

Next up? Venice Beach, California.

Which I had totally forgotten how insanely inappropriate it is for kids. Pretty much every vendor there is homeless. And if they are not homeless, they look and smell and randomly yell profanities like the homeless insane- so I am just gonna assume- yeah they are homeless. Couple that with 3 Medical Marijuana stores, 3 Smoke shops and and every other item, tee shirt or artwork sporting a Marijuana leaf…well, I was faced with such fun questions as ‘Mommy what’s a bong?’.

IMG_3091-1 IMG_3066

Still, Jack and I spotted some killer wall art (we both share a love of this and ahem, graffiti art.) So I took some pics at his request which are my new favs.





And yes, all the usual characters were there Including this guy. I said ‘that guy is awesome’ and Jack said “I know, I know mom. Cuz he branded himself”. Oh Jack- you HAVE been paying attention after all.


Speaking of awesome art…we meet artist GaryJohn, and purchased two of his pieces. I am in love with his work. Check out many (hundreds) more on his site….


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