Google Plus and Photos

Okay. The post I wasn’t going to write. because honestly, once Chris Brogan writes about something it pretty much is lame to write about it. And yet here I am.

So Google came out with their own ‘social platform’ this week. They are calling it Google Plus (G+), and have released it to some. So I have been messing around and trying to form an opinion. Like I said there have already been 9 million posts written on this…so mine won’t cover all the differences- instead let’s cover just the stuff I care about. And being highly visual,  the one thing that has me swooning over G+ is photos.

I made screen shots of each platform. Take a look. First here is the real size post on FB….


And now on G+…FBGtest2See the difference? Photos on G+ are posted in the stream HUGE. And for horizontal images that means they go all the way across the page. It is exciting and dynamic and adds so much to the user experience.

And when you load up a whole album of photos at once? Look at the stream now…


And since Google owns the entire world it seems Picasa all of your Picasa albums are automatically available for upload. AND unlimited photo storage on Picasa now as well given it’s connection to G+. Everyone who knows me has heard me talk about my love of Picasa. I was a user in PRE-Google years (2003!) so I am thrilled about this full integration. Of course you don’t HAVE to be a Picasa user to upload on G+ either.

Because of these photo differences I plan to use G+ to house my artistic and professional photography in ways I did not do on Facebook.

So far I am enjoying G+ for many reasons. And I plan to stay there and develop a presence- but will I ever stop FB completely? Maybe. If everyone who is on FB jumps ship over to G+ I would love it, but I think that is a long way off.

The single biggest difference between G+ and Facebook is that anyone , repeat ANYONE can see your posts in the public stream (just like Twitter), however they have this thing called ‘circles’ in which you place your people into different groupings and if you CHOOSE you can publish a post to JUST those people. So it is public and private. It is the epitome of a Facebook/ Twitter Mash-up. They have A LOT of improvements still needed like search functions (oh the irony of a search company building something with no search in it) and auto collapsing comments etc.

But I gotta tell you people-

G+ is cool. Very cool.

But remember there are no brand pages on G+ yet. Or ads or your annoying great aunt Martha who comments on all your photos. G+ is not what it WILL BE soon. So even with great photo upload stuff. G+ could turn out to be just as imperfect as Facebook. And I find it wildly humorous that Facebook announced this week that they are planning something ‘awesome’ soon. Sounds like a Hail Mary there Zuckerberg. Just sayin.

(apparently it is not open to everyone yet. Just ‘beta testers’ which is like 30,000 of Google’s closest friends. Or people like me who were clearly sent in invite in error. Like that weird cousin that showed up at your wedding. Yeah. That’s me. Cousin Marcy dancing off rhythm  at the open bar)

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