This parenting moment brought to you by Weird Al.

imageThis weekend I had a religious unforgettable experience, brought to me by none other than Weird Al. As a general rule of thumb I usually stay clear of people with nick names that include ‘Killer’, ‘Strange’ and yes ‘Weird’.  Growing up in So Cal we listened to the wacky local DJ Dr. Demento, pretty faithfully. And it was there the very first Weird Al songs were played  after Al sent in cassette recordings he had made in his room at home. But when I was 13 Weird Al released his first album with the hit “I love Rocky Road.” That cassette was traded heavily amongst my friends that year…. “Hey can I borrow it? I wanna make a copy” (um, sorry Al. I will send you your royalty cut soon). I knew then, that I loved this form of performance comedy and always had a soft spot for him especially when he had such a ginormous hit years later with the Michael Jackson parody ‘Eat It’.

A few years back I downloaded a wide collection of Weird Al songs (and the early Dr. Demento promoted hits like “Purple People Eater”)…and gleefully introduced them to my kids.  Naturally..they loved them too.

So this weekend, we took the boys to see Weird Al in concert.


And they wore these socks to the concert. Not surprisingly, they blended right in with the girl who had a chicken on her head and couple dressed as Yoda. Yeah- I may have underestimated the ‘weird’ that comes out of the woodwork for a Weird Al concert. Ahem.

IMG_3165 IMG_3161

image IMG_3195-1 IMG_3201-1 


I was not prepared for the show that greeted me. I was expecting Al in a colorful shirt singing and being goofy and that was it. What I got was high energy-guitar-smashing activity complete with background dancers, Al’s seductive singing to audience members and at one point dancing storm troopers. He had more costume changes than, Celine Dion on her time of the month. And oh my god- the vocals. Astonishing range, and never an ounce of hesitation hitting every huge note perfectly. The video screen on stage was an ideal compliment to the songs, and I am still laughing about the original tribute song to Charles Nelson Riley (watch video here). Yeah- You  read that right: CHARLES NELSON RILEY. How is it possible that Weird Al sees the vintage magic in all things CNR as I do. Oh the comedy.

On the way home, it was a great opportunity when asked by the boys ‘who else does this kind of stuff?’ to explain that Weird Al forged fairly new and unique territory with his humorous music genre (I won’t say parody since my favorites by him are his original works) and that the idea that just because an idea doesn’t exist- doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  Al is a funny, talented accordion player with a killer set of lungs from Lynwood- who did not set out to find his niche in life…he CREATED one.

Thank you Al. For the laughs, the fun and the pure solid worth-every-damn-penny-even-for-the-cheaply-made-concert-tour-shirts entertainment. You rocked my world. And I don’t normally say that to guys who are as limber as a Russian gymnast. Oh wait, maybe I do.

And congrats on ranking #9 Billboard with the release of you latest album. Maybe now you will get some respect. Not likely. But maybe now you can BUY some respect. Awesome. : )

More on Weird Al here.

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