{marcy’social} For goodness sake- Be yourself.



I took the nice posed photo of the boys and then I said ‘just be yourself!’ and this was the photo I got. Guess which one I love more?


Sustaining an online presence on any of the social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc) that is guarded or crafted for any period of time can be both tricky and exhausting. Learning to be yourself online helps you in many ways:

Connect authentically with others: If you are a liberal Democrat, but are playing it safe because you find yourself working in a conservative Republican dominate industry chances are any connections you make online will never go further than the screen.

Speak with authority and passion: When we reveal our true personality, opinions and interests we are able to speak with authority on the topics. Becoming resources for information and create opportunities to help others in an organic manner.

Reduce online stress: When you are not concerned with maintaining an alter persona online, it is easy and carefree to interact with others. You are not constantly second guessing if you should or shouldn’t mention the fact that you can’t wait till the next Disney convention or Weird Al concert. You just put it all out there.

Sure- this advice comes with the caveat that you don’t want to deliberately offend people or say anything that might loose your job like ‘why are hookers always asking for the money up front?’….but in most cases it is better to own what you do, enjoy who you are and express yourself freely. How can you expect others to fall in love with YOU if you are role playing what you think they expect?


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