{AdTalk} I blame this ad for America’s weight problem. Okay not really. But I do blame it for the over use of Mascara in the 70s.

It has been a while since we have heard from the genius advertising creatives Bob & Mike. You might recall them from this ad or this one. Let’s listen in to this brainstorm conversation for their new client, The Sugar Council from 1971…..


Bob: This damn diet craze is killing us Mike!

Mike: I know, first it was the saccharin for coffee and now people are drinking the diet Tab soda.

Bob: Diet soda! What is the point? What is next? Diet cake? Hilarious!

Mike: I think we need to come back strong- how about we just tell them eating sugar will help them with their diet?

Bob: What?

Mike: You know- we can tell them it is good for their ‘energy’ and stuff…

Bob: Oh you might be on to something with that Mike….

Mike: And we can show a woman seductively and suggestively licking an ice cream to grab their attention too! We will say you should always eat an ice cream BEFORE your meal.

Bob: That’s it! We will make eating sugar sexy AND good for you! But…will people buy it?

Mike: We will say it is, so they will believe it.  They believe anything in print.

Bob: God damn I love our jobs.

Mike: Ready for lunch? Or maybe you want to stop by the ice cream parlor first?

(Laughter erupts. End scene)

I don’t know about you- but I want some ice cream pretty darn bad right now. Maybe licking it like this gal offsets the 18 calories a teaspoon?

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